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 1:1 Exclusive Design Day 

 Elevate your brand collateral in one day - where we’ll finally check off your design to-do list.

Imagine if the growing list of design to-dos (you know, the one that’s been jotted on a post-it note and is quickly outgrowing that little square), was suddenly all checked off.


Because it got done with help from a professional designer.


Let’s be honest, you need design help, like, yesterday. Things like brand collateral and website updates haven’t gotten done yet because you don’t have the time, energy or desire to learn the programs and fidget with design layouts. You’ve got a business to run!

A 1:1 Exclusive Design Day is a VIP-style intensive that offers you the opportunity to have a whole day (or half day!) of my schedule dedicated to checking things off your design to-do list.

This service is made for creatives who want to:

  • have 1:1 attention for a whole day

  • eliminate the surprise invoice that can come with hourly design work (and the time commitment of a retainer)

  • batch out and check off design tasks that have been weighing on them

  • up-level their brand + client experience

  • have cohesive marketing materials for their business, e-course, workshop, etc.

  • refresh their WIX website without doing an entire redesign


How it works:

Leading up to your 1:1 Exclusive Design Day we’ll chat about what design items your business needs, if those are better suited to a half or full day, then determine the priority items you want accomplished.

After we’ve got your design list set, we’ll get the details squared away, and then I’ll get down to designing on your scheduled day. You’ll have two opportunities during the day to check on proofs and give feedback. Then by the end of the day, viola! Design work is done with no stress, no hassle, no long timelines.

Half Day rates start at $700 | Full Day rates start at $1500

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