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$30K Glam Investment

  • All 4 Steps of Brand Marketing Strategy Guide for 3 months

    • Research your audience, value proposition, and competition

    • Design the logo, typography & color palette template

    • Integrate language you can use to connect, advertise, and embody on social media

    • Email marketing creation and maintenance for 3 months

  • Choose 3 of 5 U.S.A. Photo Shoot Locations

    • Manhattan, NY

    • Los Angeles, CA

    • Philadelphia, PA

    • Puerto Vallarta, NM

    • New Orleans, LA

  • Four Professional Video Shoots

    • Three branding shoots​ from each photo shoot locations

    • One documenting your entire travels including behind-the-scenes footage

  • Wardrobe Selection from KIP's Boutique

    • Choose any 6 outfits from our wardrobe and/or bring your own

    • Purchase and keep 6 outfits for an additional cost

  • Up to 2 Custom Merchandise Designs

    • T-shirts

    • Your choice ?

  • Website design with E-commerce Setup

    • Manage SEO up to 3 months

    • Website Management up to 3 months

  • Design your Instagram with up to 250 Posts

  • Transportation 
    • Roundtrip Transportation from Airport to Hotel
    • Transportation To & From Photoshoot Locations
  • Personal Sightseeing City Tours
  • Invite up to 1 Guest to Join Trip and/or Photo Shoot
  • Spa Day
Investment $30,000
Six payment plan option available for as low as $5,000/mo.
2022 Applications Open
Additional Details...

You can purchase flights and excursions through our travel agency.

Upgrade any item in this package for an additional cost.

International flights require a valid passport before booking.

Must follow CDD guidelines and requirements for Covid-19 safety regulations.

A portion of proceeds benefit local artisans and schools in the towns we visit.

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