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Serving You While You Serve God.


For those of you who don't know me, let me introduce name is Erika Bradford, Owner & Senior Executive Brand Developer of KIP Design Firm; i've established several businesses to help serve Kingdom Citizens in Ministry & the Marketplace.  And I am also known as Pastor Erika, of the arC Ministries located in Philadelphia, PA - a virtual ministry providing sanctuary for those who are lost.

I started as a graphic designer by serving my church.

Not looking for money or fame, just seeking to serve. For over 20 years, my God-given talents and gifts has been used for outreach, food banks, back to school events, feeding the homeless, weddings, obituaries, ordinations, anniversaries and banquets. I am blessed and humbled to have served in the areas that matter most.

Branding and Graphic Design is an important asset for any business and organization to have. Any major ministry worth talking about has invested thousands to millions of dollars in their marketing and design department. They too understand that ministry is also a business, and in order to spread the gospel worldwide you need the right brand/design team to get you there. 

Now, this next move is more than likely have been praying, asking God for a trusted team to help assist you in your brand/ business/ ministry. You've been overwhelmed with the responsibility of it all, and if we can be honest...some of us are too prideful to ask for help, and to receive it.

If you're really ready, if this is a prayer answered...sign up and let's discern together what God is calling for you to do and how to get you there.