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You know that you have a business that the world can benefit from. You spent a lot of sleepless nights coming up with blueprints as to how to get your Brand recognized. We think you can finally get some rest and trust the process of our Mastermind 2.0 Investment Program. While you focus on the actual operations of your company, our team of experts will come up with aggressive concepts, strategies and tactics to scale your business! This Investment Program is not for the faint at heart. It will take time, commitment and a bold heart to go follow the creative and unique flow of our team to make you a ROCKSTAR Brand. Are you ready to be a Mastermind of your Brand?


I’m Erika Bradford, a Philadelphia-native, who's a brand strategist and freelance designer. I’m a Parisian lover, and passionate food & travel enthusiast. I have spent the past 17 years branding for entrepreneurs and business savvy individuals who want to attract their target-market audience using honest, professional and unique designs. Let me start helping you turn that big dream into a much bigger reality!

The Brains Behind the Operation.
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 The Process 

1. Branding Sessions

For 4 weeks, we will uncover your Brand in it's purest form. Our 60-Min Strategy Sessions will include finding your niche, uncover your ideal client & refine your brand message. Every week we will dig deeper to clarify your brand. This is probably be the hardest part go the entire Mastermind will have to accept hard truths of what your business looks like against is your competitors; and be willing to put in the work, time, dedication, sacrifice and yes, even finances to see your Brand unfold!

2. Research & Development

Our team here at KIP will take all the information we gathered from our time together during our 4-week Branding Session to assess the right formula for the remaining part of the Mastermind Process. Depending on your deadline, this step of research and development could take anywhere between 2 to 6 months. Some things really do look better with time! 

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3. Strategy & Implementation

This phase of the Mastermind Process could also take several months, depending on your deadline. Making it to step 3 means we have put in the hours, days and extended weekends to properly research your competition, develop and brand & marketing strategy that will work for you in the long run. Now it's time to show you our presentation, and get you geared up for the next phase!

4. Travel

Ok, so everything up til now has been A LOT of work behind computers, whiteboards, Zoom calls...blah, blah, blah! It's time to now have some fun! Making it to this step means you had made many critical and challenging decisions to make your Brand come alive. Now our team is ready to assist you in your travels, as you visit Instagram-worthy cities for some epic photography and video shoots. Look at you! We knew you had it in you!

Your travel accommodations also include a goodnight sleep in a 4 to 5 star hotel, ground transportation, excursions and a spa deserve it.

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Work & Travel, Travel & Work.
 Pack your bags, catch a 
flight and head towards
your Branding Shoot destination! 
5. Design

After your travels, our Design team will now make your Brand come to life! Taking all the photos, videos, inspiration, color palette, and brand story...we are that much closer to your launch date for your new Brand reveal.

6. Management

Making it to this last step of your Mastermind Process usually means everyone did a job well done! The team, engineers, coffee maker, bottle of wine, and YOU! Your Brand has blossomed and developed more than you ever imagines it could. But we know goodbyes don't come easy after we've all of this, so we'll have in there to assist in managing things like your website, email marketing and SEO.


Ahhhh.....every dollar well worth spending!

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20K Benefits

  • 4-Week Branding Session
  • Personalized Brand Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Assistance up to Three Months
  • Choose 1 of 3 IG Worthy Photo Shoot Locations in the U.S.
  • One Branding Video Shoot
  • Four Wardrobe Selections from KIP's Boutique
  • One Custom Merchandise Design
  • Website Design with E-Commerce Setup
  • Manage SEO up to Three Months
  • Website Management up to Three Months
  • Design Instagram Page up to 50 Posts
  • Ground Transportation 
  • Sightseeing City Tour
  • Spa Day

50K Benefits

  • 4-Week Branding Session + Once a Month Check-Ins
  • Personalized Brand Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Assistance up to Six Months
  • Choose 3 of 5 IG Worthy Photo Shoots Locations in the U.S.
  • Four Branding Video Shoots
  • Eight Wardrobe Selections from KIP's Boutique
  • Two Custom Merchandise Designs
  • Website Design with E-Commerce Setup
  • Manage SEO up to Six Months
  • Website Management up to Six Months
  • Design Instagram Page up to 250 Posts
  • Ground Transportation 
  • Sightseeing City Tours
  • Invite 1 Guest to Join Trip and/or Photoshoot
  • Group Spa Day

 Investment Packages 

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 The Ultimate  Brand Revamp! 


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 ✔ You're ready to expand your brand.

 ✔ You see the potential of this investment.

 ✔ You are excited about traveling for work.

 ✔ You've been waiting for a unique program like this.

 ✔ You're ready to take the leap of faith to grow your business.

Reach Out.

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