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 The Process 

1. Consultation

After an initial Discovery Call, we will further discuss the Plan-to-Action on how to map out your one-day branding shoot. Our team will gather as much information from you as possible to give you the best 24-hour branding experience. 

2. Research & Development

Our team will dig deeper into researching the best locations for your photo and video shoots. We want to make sure that your brand story is being told the best way possible! So this is where we develop your story board of wardrobe selections, hair & makeup, web design, even down to how to pose for the camera!

3. Follow-Up Meeting

We will meet with you again to go over the blueprint for your one-day branding shoot. Afterwards, we'll schedule the date that works best for everyone to come meet you at your desired location.

4. The Big Day

Ok, so everything up til now has been A LOT of work behind computers, whiteboards, Zoom calls...blah, blah, blah! It's time to now have some fun! Making it to this step means you had made many critical and challenging decisions to make your Brand come alive. Now our team is ready to meet you and make this day come alive!

5. In Session

This day is going to be full of excitement! A lot of emotions can transpire...happy, hungry, nervous, anxious, frustrated, tired, overwhelmed, etc. Our Creative Director will make sure everything stays on track and flows at a healthy pace to make everyone feel comfortable. We want you to LOVE this experience, you deserve it!

6. Close of the Day

Pop the champagne! You did it!!! You made it through the day of several photoshoots, wardrobe changes, driving to different locations, whew! 

What now?

You'll choose your favorite images to go on your website. Afterwards, your website will be live to the world within 24-48 hours. Along with a few new posts to choose from to launch your new IG account.

We'll be in touch with you in a few days to make sure you are truly satisfied with all the final touches of your designs.

The Excitement is Real.
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Other Branding Investments...

Above the Clouds

Go Hard for Your Brand $10K Investment

10K Benefits

  • 2-Day Branding Session
  • Personalized Brand Marketing Strategy
  • Choose 1 of 4 IG Worthy Photo Shoot Locations in the U.S.
  • One Branding Photoshoot
  • One Branding Videoshoot
  • Website Design with SEO &  E-Commerce Setup
  • Website Management with KIP Design Firm
  • Marketing & Management with Spot On InstaStudio
  • RadioTV & Blog Assistance with On-Air with Sir
  • Ground Transportation 
  • Sightseeing City Tour
  • Spa Day

Mastermind 2.0 Investment Program

20K - 50K Benefits

  • 4-Week Branding Session
  • Personalized Brand Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Assistance up to Three Months
  • Choose 1 of 3 IG Worthy Photo Shoot Locations in the U.S.
  • One Branding Video Shoot
  • Four Wardrobe Selections from KIP's Boutique
  • One Custom Merchandise Design
  • Website Design with E-Commerce Setup
  • Manage SEO up to Three Months
  • Website Management up to Three Months
  • Design Instagram Page up to 50 Posts
  • Ground Transportation 
  • Sightseeing City Tour
  • Spa Day
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