Personal Design Assistant​

Location: virtual

(Proximity to Philadelphia, PA is a plus)


$18 - $25 per hour

A Personal Design Assistant is absolutely pivotal to the successful running of a department and they are there to support their manager/supervisor in the work they carry out. On that basis, if you are to pass your Personal Design Assistant (PDA) interview, you will need to demonstrate a unique set of skills, including: having the ability to support your boss in her duties, plan and prioritize tasks accordingly, keep accurate diaries of work commitments and meetings, arrange meetings, disseminate agenda items and also take meeting minutes as and when required. You will also be required to have a solid working knowledge of all relevant software applications, be available as and when required to support your boss in their role, and also be willing to respond at short notice to important tasks or demands.

Duties are as follows, but not limited to:

Communication Skills
You'll be communicating with other people constantly, setting up appointments and meeting and carrying out other business-related tasks. You must be able to communicate clearly to avoid any misunderstandings. You should be able to keep your composure when communicating with difficult people or those who might be argumentative.

You'll be dealing with a variety of people in the course of this business. This requires a pleasant, outgoing personality. Politeness and courtesy must be maintained no matter what the circumstances. Most people can be pleasant when things are going well, but a PDA needs to be able to do it under stress and pressure. They must also be able to balance courtesy with assertiveness when necessary to insulate you from unwanted solicitation and other distractions.

Organizational Skills
You must be highly organized and detail oriented. You will be handling the boss' calendar, scheduling appointments, taking calls, writing down messages, screening postal and email and doing other duties that require care and accuracy. You must be able to distinguish and handle high-priority items and set aside unimportant ones. You should be proficient in calendar and scheduling software.

Sometimes the most carefully laid plans can fall apart with little or no warning. You must be flexible enough to deal with this. Instead of panicking or giving in to stress, you must be able to go quickly into damage-control mode. You must also be ready to handle any task the boss might toss at you.

Problem-Solving Skills
A PDA often acts as the "blocker" for their boss, screening calls and visitors and handing as much business as you can. This frees up the boss to concentrate on more important and pressing matters. You must have good independent problem-solving skills, and can handle tricky situations by yourself and solve problems rather than consulting the boss for guidance.

You'll need on-the-job experience. Education is important, but it cannot replicate the wide variety of situations that will be encountered in the workplace. Personal assistants get practice and hone their skills while working in the real-world environment. It takes some time to learn how to apply school learning and theoretical knowledge to real job situations.

Computer Skills
You'll need to have proficient to advanced computer skills! (MAC preferably) You'll need a computer to carry out many of your duties. You'll have to know how to use word processing software, email, calendar and scheduling software. Adobe software use is a plus! You should also be able to use the internet proficiently, including research skills.


Design Skills

You'll need to have a basic understanding and workable knowledge of WIX, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, Mail Chimp and Google Drive. Having an eye for color, typography and design layout is a plus. Knowing how to edit WIX websites is a plus. 

Multiple Balls in the Air
Keeping things organized might be one of the most important responsibilities. You'll be juggling the boss personal and business schedule along with helping all businesses run smoothly.  

The Go-To Person
You might perform routine administrative tasks such as typing letters or other documents, maintaining files, making appointments and help maintain websites. You will also act as a receptionist: handling travel-related activities and organize meetings for the businesses. You also might also be responsible for meeting-related activities such as putting together meeting packets, handling mass mailings or arranging for equipment.

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