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Are you like
Richard & Lisa Woods?

Richard, 36 & Lisa, 34
Owners of Woods Cafe

Sibling-duo, Richard & Lisa Woods took over their family cafe 5 years ago after their parents decided to retire. This family has been in business for over 15 years! They are known within their community, and know customers on a first name basis. They've catered many of the locals baby showers, launch parties and weddings with their speciality desserts and drinks. Even though they already have an established business, they are looking to rebrand - making the business fit this new modern age. This brother and sister knows that Cafe's are extremely popular across the world, and they want to be apart of this high-market industry; making their Cafe a place of comfort, hot and delicious drinks and desserts, and somewhere where both locals and tourists will continue to frequent!


As small business owners, they have already established:

  • a physical location

  • new items for the menu

  • 5000+ customer database 

  • expansion plan to create an outdoor sitting area for live music for those special summer nights

Richard & Lisa are not new at this! They are business savvy individuals, ready with all the particulars and the budget needed to do a: 

  • Website, Logo & Social Media Facelift

  • Menu re-design

  • Custom t-shirts, hats and totes designs

After our initial Discovery Call and a few more conversations, we came up with a concrete plan:

  • An E-Commerce Website that will include their New Logo, and Custom Apparel. Guests will be able to visit the site to see photos of their renovated cafe, calendar of events, recipes and shop for their products both coffee and apparel!

  • A Menu Re-design is a great way to show your locals that you've upgraded! The Wood's will be able to print this menu for their guests who are dining in or taking out. Plus, it will added to the website as an PDF for guests to download and save for later.

  • The Woods understand that good Social Media content is the way to go these days! They're too busy doing other tasks, so they hired us to create and maintain their Instagram account and purchased the 500 Mega Bundle Deal - that's 500 posts a month! 

  • They have signed up for our $100K Glam Promo Investment! These two are young, hip and want to travel! We are putting together their itinerary and travel details for some photo shoots and commercials in Los Angeles, CA; New Orleans, LA; Paris, France  and Rome, Italy! We're taking them around town for some photography and branding video shoots within the locals cafes that focuses on warmth, culture and nature. This investment is going to do wonders for their re-brand, and for them as young professionals! Learn more about this Investment >

Branding Facelift + Print Design + Custom Apparel +
IG Mega Bundle Deal

The ultimate package for the ultimate business! Take your business to the next level with these services that are made for your business excel to the top. Your competitors will have met their match!

$100k Glam Promo

For the serious business owner wanting to expand their brand, photography, and social media through U.S. and International travel destinations.


Checkout the services the Wood's chose as small business owners.
See how this can work for you too! 

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