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The Firm

KIP, which is short for Kingdom Innovative Prints is a design agency: creating, branding, and innovating for kingdom and integral individuals whom aspire to use their God-given visions to help shape this economy into a better world through Art & Design.


10 years ago, we were a one person team; creating flyers and websites for local churches, local beauty shops, startup non-profit organizations, and a plethora of individuals who planned events in their community. What all of our clients had in common, even from day one - they all were promoting positive change. Whether it had been positive change in their congregation, making some feel beautiful when walking out of their salon, or starting services and programs for the community to benefit from…they all in their unique way are Innovators.  We, here at KIP have had the pleasure of serving alongside many integral companies and entrepreneurs in helping build their Brands to continue their efforts within their cities, communities and organizations.

KIP believes that the love of God can be shown through Art & Design, and He speaks to us to help design this world into a better place, that's why we design for the Kingdom! Our clientele has little to do about your religion, but more to do with your vision and how you seek to promote positive change that will develop and foster a particular individual, a group or team, or a mass of 100's or 1000's of people. We seek to work with Brands who inspire to be uniquely different, and integral for a brighter hope and tomorrow.


We're evolving our agency to be a hybrid of all design! Taking graphic, fashion, photography, interior, architecture, nature and even culinary to where it has never gone before.


Stay connected with us and we promote, nurture and develop positive change through Art, Design, and proper Business Structure one Brand at a time!





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Untitled design-15.png
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